We Are One 22401 Videos

We Are One 22401A new video series of inspirational messages for City youth featuring previous James Monroe High School students and Fredericksburg community members. We are all one community, and our students are a very important part of it. This video series is produced by Fredericksburg City Public Schools and the City of Fredericksburg. Please watch and share the videos below. More will be coming soon. 

Monica Awuor Dit, born in Kenya, and raised in Fredericksburg, is a James Monroe High School graduate who shares her advice to current students about leaning on the mentors in your school and in your community to help make the right choices. Monica says that “the only difference between my life and someone down the street from me, is the choices that I make.” Watch her video here.

Tony Lewis, Assistant Principal at Lafayette Elementary School, shares his experience as a Fredericksburg City School student growing up, how positive role models helped him, and how important mentors are for today’s middle and high school students. His advice for current Fredericksburg students, “I am not what happened to me. I’m what I choose to become.” Watch his video here.

Joe Porter, James Monroe High Class of 2006, talks about his own school journey, what it was like to grow up in Fredericksburg, and how his choices early on helped him be successful in his life today. His advice for current Jayem students, “You can make that path very hard when you choose violence.”