FXBG Clean Fleet & Fuel Efficiency

Fredericksburg is on the way to achieving its 2035 renewable energy and sustainability targets. As a part of its goals, the City strives to reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions with more efficient vehicles; cleaner fuels, including the use of electric vehicles; and reducing vehicle miles traveled. 

Drive Clean Rural USA Project

In 2022, the City of Fredericksburg was invited by Virginia Clean Cities to participate in the Drive Clean Rural Project. The Drive Clean Rural USA Project is funded by the Department of Energy and led by Transportation Energy Partners, a national non-profit organization that brings Clean Cities coalition leaders together with the clean transportation industry to advance policies that will reduce American dependence on petroleum-based fuels. The City participated in this opportunity alongside Fredericksburg City Public Schools and the University of Mary Washington to build community action to meet shared sustainability goals. 

The objective of this project is to understand what is going to help small and rural communities transition to cleaner fuels and vehicles, and what barriers exist that might need to be addressed by policy incentives, state and federal investments, or education. Through this project, Fredericksburg was provided assistance in the following areas:

  • Fleet Technical Assistance
  • Demonstration Vehicles
  • Support of Regional Jobs and Business Growth
  • Promotion of Fleet Leadership. 


Drive Clean Rural USA - Alternative Fuel Vehicle Workshop - 10/26/2022

Fleet professionals and administrative staff from the City of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg City Public Schools, and the University of Mary Washington attended a training on fleet management best practices and alternative fuel technology. Industry experts provided in-depth presentations and vehicle demonstrations.  

Drive Clean Rural USA Project - Workshop Resources