Transit Strategic Plan

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FXBGO! is creating a Transit Strategic Plan (TSP) to improve transit services over the next ten years. TSPs are required for transit agencies operating in urbanized areas to ensure that transit services are planned to meet their communities' mobility needs better. This presents FXBGO! An opportunity to evaluate and update our services and networks to respond to changes in demand.

FXBGO!'s inaugural TSP will be developed based on specific guidelines approved by the Commonwealth Transportation Board and overseen by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT). This TSP will replace the Transit Development Plan from 2018, previously required by DRPT, as the key planning document shaping the FXBGO! Services in the coming years.

The TSP will cover a 10-year planning horizon and serve as a strategic blueprint that outlines changes that will improve transit services across the Fredericksburg region, including service planning, operations, and information on capital needs (like new bus purchases, technology upgrades, and customer amenities). The TSP will be a "living document" – it will be updated annually and undergo a major update every five years.

FXBGO!'s TSP process will ensure that its transit service better serves the needs of the Fredericksburg community and its customers. 


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