CSX Rail Cars in Mayfield

Meeting-near-rail-carsOn Tuesday, February 23, 2021, Fredericksburg City Council unanimously passed Resolution 21-14 "Objecting to Storage of Rail Tanker Cars with Hazardous Materials in the City of Fredericksburg, and Demand CSX Discontinue the Practice Now." 

The City of Fredericksburg has been served by passenger and freight traffic on rail lines owned and operated by CSX or its predecessors for many years. CSX also maintains a rail yard in the Mayfield neighborhood of the City. The City has endeavored to be a good partner to CSX whenever issues arise associated with the presence of rail lines and operations in the City. 

The storage of rail tanker cars, with hazardous and flammable contents for unspecified periods of time, in close proximity to homes on Railroad Avenue, has been an issue of serious concern to the City and the residents of the Mayfield neighborhood in recent years. Much of the last decade was spent advancing persistent demands by the City that this potentially hazardous situation be addressed by CSX. With the involvement and support of the Commonwealth of Virginia, CSX finally constructed a storage rail spur at a further distance from homes. 

However, the practice of storing tanker cars on the main line along Railroad Avenue, with unknown contents and for unspecified periods of time, has resumed. In February 2021 City Council resolved the following: 

  • It re-states and confirms its position that the practice of parking tanker rail cars with hazardous contents and for unknown duration in the vicinity of the Railroad Avenue residential area creates serious and legitimate safety concerns for nearby residents, the residents of the larger Mayfield neighborhood and the City as a whole; 
  • The Council thus confirms its previous strong opposition to this practice; 
  • And, the Council demands that CSX immediately discontinue prolonged storage of all tanker cars with hazardous materials along Railroad Avenue, and asks that they come to detail their plan to the community near-term.

In an effort to ensure transparent communications on the activities that the City and others are undertaking we have published a timeline of efforts: 

City of Fredericksburg - CSX Tanker Issues 2021 - updated March 15, 2021 (PDF)

City of Fredericksburg - CSX Tanker Actions 2021 - updated December 2021

Monthly Updates

Members of City Council, City Staff, and CSX representatives continue to meet, engage, and work together in order to educate, inform, and provide solutions where possible to address neighboring community issues and needs. The impacts of having a rail provider as a neighbor impacts all City residents. The City is committed to continued engagement with CSX on impacts and issues as work to address concerns, focus on safety, and improve the relationship between businesses and the communities they impact in Fredericksburg. 

 The City asked that CSX offer a written update to the community monthly moving forward and the updates are available below.

April 2021 

May 2021

June 2021 

July 2021

August 2021 

September 2021

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021 

The City of Fredericksburg appreciates the increased communication and the willingness of CSX to listen to concerns, but we continue to object strongly to the stacking of hazardous materials in our community. Fredericksburg’s Fire Department continues to monitor daily activity and is reporting weekly to City Management on hazardous tanker car counts on site.  Additionally, the City has access to video footage of the train yard as an additional means to review activity on the rails adjacent to Mayfield.  

Counts by weekly total for propane (LPG) in the rail yard are as follows:

  • 2/26/21      23
  • 3/5/21        30
  • 3/11/21      42
  • 3/19/21      85
  • 3/26/21      60
  • 4/1/21        20
  • 4/8/21        39
  • 4/15/21      15
  • 4/23/21      43
  • 4/30/21      54
  • 5/6/21        30
  • 5/14/21      31
  • 5/21/21      15
  • 5/28/21      81
  • 6/4/21        13
  • 6/11/21       34
  • 6/17/21       20
  • 6/25/21       52
  • 7/2/21         34
  • 7/9/21         28
  • 7/16/21       66
  • 7/23/21       42
  • 7/30/21       16
  • 8/6/21         29
  • 8/13/21       34
  • 8/20/21       28
  • 8/27/21       44
  • 9/3/21         18
  • 9/10/21       48
  • 9/17/21       93
  • 9/24/21       57
  • 10/1/21       35
  • 10/8/21       29
  • 10/15/21     28
  • 10/22/21     38
  • 10/29/21     41
  • 11/5/21       45
  • 11/12/21     81
  • 11/24/21     74
  • 12/3/21       95
  • 12/10/21     72
  • 12/17/21    110
  • 1/7/22        168
  • 1/14/22      107

The City of Fredericksburg remains steadfast in its opposition to storage (even if less than 48 hours) of this hazardous material in the our community.  This report was shared with our federal delegation in a written update.   We will continue to pursue federal intervention that leads to alternative storage of hazardous materials further away from residential areas.  Please find more information about this important topic at https://www.fredericksburgva.gov/1763/CSX-Rail-Cars-in-Mayfield  or by calling 540-372-1010.

The Fire Department worked to update their emergency evacuation plans with CSX, and provided two community engagement meetings in August and September 2021.  

A copy of the presentation can be found at Community Evacuation Guide Presentation.  Please contact the Fire Department with any questions at 540-372-1059.