Street Maintenance

Residential streets that receive normal traffic can last 20 years or more before they need resurfacing. Main roadways/arteries serving high volume of passenger car and truck traffic are given priority consideration for resurfacing.

Streets are visually inspected. If degradation is observed, core samples may be taken. From the core sample testing it is determined what type of maintenance or repairs are warranted. Minor repairs and maintenance may be accomplished by City Staff. If repairs are extensive, the street will be placed in the Asphalt Rehabilitation Program for City Council consideration and budgeting.

The city does street sweeping on a revolving schedule. Night sweeping (midnite to 8am) occurs in the merchant areas and on high volume highways and ramps. Daytime sweeping (4am-noon) occurs in residential areas and less heavily-traveled arteries. More specific information can be supplied by calling Public Works: 540-372-1023.