Route Deviation Request

Please complete the Route Deviation Form below for NEW requests only. You will be contacted within 48 hours by FXBGO! staff regarding your request.

Please complete the Route Deviation Request Form if you have been approved for Route Deviation services.

Route Deviation - General Guidelines

The locations for deviation requests must be safe and accessible for:

  • must not exceed 3/4 mile off FXBGO!'s regular fixed routes.
  • the passenger to wait, board, and disembark from the bus
  • for the bus to travel
  • for the bus to stop
  • for the bus to deploy the wheelchair lift if necessary
  • for the bus to return to the route without backing the vehicle

If all of the conditions above are met, staff will determine whether FXBGO! can provide the deviated service.

Passengers are requested to submit their request for route deviation services one-week in advance in order for your request for a deviation to be processed.