Public Engagement

The City of Fredericksburg encourages public engagement. Start here to find out how you can get involved in your local government today.  On this page we will be sharing surveys, topic specific comments forms, and event information for public input opportunities or town halls. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay updated by subscribing to our newsletters and alerts listed below. Please be sure to visit the links below to find out how to get involved by attending meetings or volunteering.

Projects and Initiatives

Racial Equity Initiatives

Slave Auction Block Relocation

The Slave Auction Block Relocation is an ongoing effort since 2017. Now entering phase 2, the auction block has been removed and is in temporary storage while the Fredericksburg Area Museum prepares a temporary exhibit. Read more about the auction block here.  This effort is just the beginning of racial equity initiatives here in the City of Fredericksburg. Do you have a comment to submit to the City about the Auction Block? Submit it here.

Changing the Name of Jefferson Davis Highway

On July 14, 2020 City Council passed a Resolution 20-57 in which they urged Virginia General Assembly to remove the name Jefferson Davis Highway from U.S. Route 1 statewide and replace it with a name that promotes our shared values of unity, equality, and a commitment to a better future for all Americans. If the Commonwealth fails to act before the end of the 2021 General Assembly session, City Council is committed to changing the name of the portion of the highway located within the Fredericksburg City limits

General City Business

The City of Fredericksburg’s many departments provide a range of services for the City. We encourage you to reach out to a department directly to give a specific comment, complaint or compliment.   

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