Citizen Advisory Panel

In 2015, the Fredericksburg Police Department established a Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP) to facilitate two-way communication between the Fredericksburg Police Department and key stakeholders in the community it serves. The goal of the Citizen Advisory Panel is to enhance community relations through:

  • Creating a climate of trust between the community and the Fredericksburg Police Department by enhancing awareness of the Department’s policies, procedures, programs, and responsibilities
  • Providing a forum for the Chief of Police to actively listen to concerns regarding police services or social problems and find solutions by working together

To learn more about the expectations of a Citizens Advisory Panel member and the important role they play, please read the Citizens Advisory Panel Charter.

  1. Beckett, Meredith

    Meredith Beckett

    Citizen Advisory Panel Member

  1. Catlett, Marci

    Marci Catlett

    Citizen Advisory Panel Member

  1. Johnson, Sabrina

    Sabrina Johnson

    Citizen Advisory Panel Member

  1. Pesolinski, P.J.

    PJ Pcsolinski

    Citizen Advisory Panel Member