Agile Innovation


What this means is that we are working to discover better ways to deliver services and respond quickly to new challenges creatively and efficiently. It is important to our success because when faced with new or unanticipated challenges, we must rapidly mobilize resources, utilizing inventive processes, technology and ideas.

We demonstrate this Value by:

  • Creating an environment that encourages employees to propose creative methods and processes for service delivery and rewarding them for doing so.
  • Determining how other communities respond to similar challenges and learning from both their successes and mistakes.
  • Actively anticipating situations and circumstances that require a quick, proactive response.

We violate this Value by:

  • Having an attitude of “we’ve always done it this way.”
  • Procrastinating in the hope that the challenge will go away or making excuses for why the problem can’t be solved.

Our Values will be incorporated into our daily routines, our annual performance evaluations, our employee recognition efforts and in recruitment of future team members. Together, by living these Values, we can assure those who count on us daily as public servants that we will always work to achieve the highest standards in service delivery.