Unwavering Stewardship


What this means is that we are entrusted to manage and grow the City’s resources and to make wise choices in using them. It is important to our success because our resources form the foundation of our City and allow us to build a better future for our community.

We demonstrate this Value by:

  • Making wise decisions such as honoring the budget, managing our time wisely, carefully evaluating options and identifying efficiencies.
  • Protecting all City resources as if they were our own.
  • Adopting policies that strengthen the City for future generations.

We violate this Value by:

  • Wasting or abusing City resources such as money, equipment, time and supplies.
  • Failing to responsibly manage environmental, historic and cultural resources.
  • Not inspecting and maintaining infrastructure, facilities, tools and equipment.

Our Values will be incorporated into our daily routines, our annual performance evaluations, our employee recognition efforts and in recruitment of future team members. Together, by living these Values, we can assure those who count on us daily as public servants that we will always work to achieve the highest standards in service delivery.