New Utility Billing System

The City of Fredericksburg has a new Utility Billing System! This system will offer new features on your utility bill and is accessed via a new online portal to view and pay your bill. Access Online Utility Payment Portal

PLEASE NOTE!!  You have been assigned a NEW CUSTOMER NUMBER for use on the new Utility Billing system. To find out what your new number is, click on the spreadsheet below and look up your old customer number. Your new utility customer number will need to be used to search in the new system. The old number will not find your account.

Customer Number Lookup (Excel)

Customer Number Lookup (PDF)

If you use your bank’s online bill pay, please don’t forget to update your new customer number in your bank’s system. 

Please remember that this new online payment portal is only for utility bills right now. Utility Bill payments can’t be combined with other payments until new payment types are added over the course of the next year. Click here to pay other City bills.

Watch our tutorial video for details on our new billing system.

Watch our online payment portal instructional video for help accessing our new site.

How to Link Multiple Utility Billing Accounts

Access Online Utility Payment Portal

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