Braehead Woods Neighborhood


Presentation at Community Meeting on February 6, 2020

On February 6, approximately two dozen residents of the Braehead neighborhood saw this presentation, commissioned by the City and prepared by the Timmons Engineering Group.  It describes the physical character of the Braehead neighborhood, as the lower half of a 115 acre drainage basin.  It identifies the challenges the neighborhood faces concerning stormwater.  Members of City Council, Planning Commission, and city staff were present at the meeting.  Additional community meetings are being planned with the owners of properties that are most affected by drainage patterns, as well as the entire community.  If you have any questions please contact Chuck Johnston, the City’s Community Planning and Building Director at or Tyler Gelles, the City’s Senior Stormwater Manager at  View presentation here.

View Braehead Woods Stormwater Plan Review, Watershed Landcover Evaluation, and Preliminary Drainage Improvement Recommendations (PDF)

FAQ’s provided on Zoning, Permit Processing and Stormwater Drainage 

(prepared on June 14, 2019)

FAQ Document

Additional Information 

The information (below) contains public records that relate to the FAQs on zoning, permit processing and stormwater drainage in Braehead Woods. City staff consulted these records in preparing the FAQ document.

The records include excerpts from City Council meeting minutes, Planning staff reports, and zoning ordinances. They include all of the official zoning maps on file in the Department of Planning & Community Development.  They are arranged in chronological order.

Any person who wishes to review all of the City Council minutes from this time period (1965 to present) or other related public records may do so by contacting Tonya Lacey, Clerk of Council, (540) 372-1010, and arranging a convenient time to review the records at City Hall. There is no charge for making these records available for review. The City will provide copies of any additional pages at the standard charge of $0.20 per page.

Public Records from 1963 - 1988 (contains 25 documents - may take a few minutes to download)