University of Mary Washington Students

Welcome to the City of Fredericksburg.

Registering to Vote:

If you wish to register to vote in the City of Fredericksburg, you may do so ONLINE (You must have a Virginia DMV issued Identification to register online as your signature on file with the DMV will be used by you to sign your application.) or by completing a paper application that is available in the General Registrar’s office.  If you choose to utilize a paper application, please ensure that your information is complete, accurate, and legible. Online applications are preferable for they are easily read, complete, and are delivered automatically to the correct jurisdiction.

To assist UMW students with registration please utilize the following sample applications, specific to UMW housing:

Sample-Eagle Landing    Sample-College Ave.   Sample-William St Apartments

If you do not reside in UMW housing and you reside in the City of Fredericksburg you will complete your voter application utilizing your City of Fredericksburg residence address.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration deadline is 22 days prior to each election.

PLEASE NOTE: You must update your voter registration any time you move residences or housing. It is important you inform the registrar of any changes. You may update your registration:  HERE or in the Registrar’s office.


Students vote as any other qualified voter would on Election Day, at their assigned precinct. You will need to have a photo ID, state your registration address, and vote in your assigned precinct.

List of Acceptable Voter Identifications

If you are not in the City of Fredericksburg on Election Day you may be eligible to vote Absentee.  Absentee Voters must complete an application requesting a ballot. Absentee voting begins 45 days prior to each election.  You may vote In-Person absentee or request a ballot be mailed to you. Please read more about Absentee Voting in Virginia: Virginia Department of Elections-Absentee Voting

If you know you will qualify for to vote Absentee it is encouraged you do so In-Person during the 45 day period. Applications are provided in the office. If you are unable to vote on Election Day or In-Person Absentee you are strongly encouraged to submit an Absentee Application for a mailed ballot as soon as possible. A single piece of first class election mail can take as long as 8 days from one destination to the next. If an Absentee Ballot requested by mail is not returned to our office by 7pm on Election Day it will not be counted.