Crime Victims and Their Rights

Who is a Crime Victim? 

According to Virginia § 19.2-11.01, a victim is a person who suffered physical, psychological, or economic harm as a direct result of the commission of a felony or of: assault and battery, stalking, violation of an existing protective order, sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, or maiming or driving while intoxicated. Spouses, children, and parents/legal guardians of minors victimized by these offenses are also considered victims under Virginia law unless that person is the defendant.

Services Available to Crime Victims

If you are a crime victim in the State of Virginia, you are entitled to certain rights. These rights include:

  • Protection from further harm and threats of harm
  • Waiting area separate from the accused during court proceedings
  • Financial Assistance
  • Virginia Victims Fund
  • Prompt return of property being held as evidence
  • Restitution for damages or loss
  • Notification
  • Case status information
  • Court dates and proceedings
  • Employer intercession services
  • Prisoner release notification
  • Victim Input
  • Victim Impact Statement preparation
  • Courtroom presence during trial
  • In felony cases, consultation regarding plea agreement
  • Courtroom Assistance
  • Confidentiality of address and telephone numbers
  • Interpreter services
  • Court accompaniment
  • Closed preliminary hearing in limited situations
  • Use of two way closed circuit television in limited situations

If you have questions concerning these rights or you wish to assert certain rights, please contact the Fredericksburg Victim-Witness Assistance Program at 540-993-1660.

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