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Special Event Application

The City of Fredericksburg celebrates special events! We welcome event planners who wish to host their event here in the City.

Our Special Event Application is a streamlined approach to gather information about your event and to help you navigate the City’s requirements for hosting your event in the City. Our event team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the checklist for a successful, compliant event. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of approval.

 A Special Event Application is required for:

  1. Any organized event of 20 or more persons upon any city street or public sidewalk within the City will require a Special Event Application.
  2. Events that are open to the public, have an attendance of over 100 people and are held within a city parks will require a Special Event Application along with a Park Rental Form.
  3. Requesting any street closure within the City, regardless of event size, requires a Special Event Application. 

Special notice regarding events to be held May 2020 - December 2020:
Fredericksburg Events Policy During Chatham Bridge Closure (PDF) 

Event Application Deadlines

Type of Event Application Deadline Decision
Residential Block Party 30 days prior 20 day prior
Special event (no temporary street closure) 60 days prior 45 days prior
Special event (with temporary street closure) 120 days prior 60 days prior
Major event (more than 1,000 attendees) 120 days prior 60 days prior
Spontaneous Event (time-sensitive public gathering in response to current events) 48 hours prior timely

Application Instructions: 
We strongly encourage you to create an account. Once you login and start the application there will be a save progress button at the top of the page. Please save the document often. Upon completion of your application, click the Submit button which automatically emails your completed application to the Parks, Recreation & Events Department Events Staff. You should receive a confirmation screen upon completion.

By clicking the link for the application below, you acknowledge the submission option:

Special Event Application (online form)

Film Permits

Film crews that are 20 people or more are asked to apply for a filming permit in the City by submitting a special event application. Crews that will be requesting street closures, setting up large equipment or disrupting daily activity in the City are also requested to apply for a filming permit.

Residential Block Party Permits

Block parties are gatherings of residents of a specific City block and their guests. Block parties are NOT for open invitation and do not extend beyond the specific residents of that City block and their particular guests. More than half of adjacent property owners must sign the petition to indicate agreement to the block party. Residential Block Party Permit Application deadline: 30 days prior to event.

Residential Block Party Permit Application (PDF)

Questions? Please contact: 

Kim Herbert
408 Canal Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
540-372-1086 ext. 307

Special Event Planning Resources

In an effort to streamline and facilitate the event planning process, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to guide planners through the process of holding any type of event in the City. The FAQ's provide links to forms, websites, email addresses, and permit applications that might be needed for an event.

Event Mapping Help Guide (PDF) - FredGIS has a full compliment of tools available to interact with the map in a variety of ways

Special Event Fees (PDF) - a list of event specific fees & deposits that MAY be required as a result of your event application

If you would like to have your event at a city park, please see the following:

All Rental Locations and Forms

General Park Policy

Equipment Rental Information - PDF