Community Policing

Community policing is the practice of police officers and citizens working together in creative ways to improve the quality of life in a neighborhood by solving problems that create crime and the fear of crime. By bringing residents, the business community, and other City agencies into the problem-solving process, police officers are able to address crime using both traditional police strategies and innovative approaches tailored to the unique needs of a neighborhood.

The Police Department integrates the philosophy and practice of community policing into its overall delivery of services. Patrol officers are given long-term beat assignments to help them develop a sense of ownership for their neighborhoods and allow them to engage in proactive problem-solving. Neighborhood associations are assigned a police supervisor to act as a single point of contact for their needs and concerns.

Captain Betsy Mason is the community policing coordinator and oversees the City-wide community policing strategy. She also acts as the single point of contact for administrative functions of the community police officers. Contact her via email.

Three designated community police officers have been assigned to provide extra attention to neighborhoods facing specific challenges.

  1. David Cabrera

    David Cabrera

    Community Police Officer, Fall Hill Corridor
    Phone: 540-654-5724

  1. Garrant, Luke 2019

    Luke Garrant

    Community Police Officer, Mayfield District
    Phone: 540-834-9782

  1. Monahan, Stephen

    Stephen Monahan

    Community Police Officer, Downtown District
    Phone: 540-395-9828