Essential Engagement

What this means is that:

Leadership is everyone’s responsibility. We are curious about the entire organization, empowered to challenge the status quo, and collaborate with a focus on inclusion and communication.

It is important to our success because:

We expand organizational capacity by leveraging our collective brainpower. Productivity is enhanced by creating a sense of ownership and purpose at all levels. 

We demonstrate this Value by:

  • Looking for ways to improve the organization and its communication.
  • Being open to the ideas of others.
  • Offering and accepting assistance within and across departments.

We violate this Value by:

  • Withholding information.
  • Having a silo or “stay-off-my-turf” mentality.
  • Lacking initiative

Our Values will be incorporated into our daily routines, our annual performance evaluations, our employee recognition efforts and in recruitment of future team members. Together, by living these Values, we can assure those who count on us daily as public servants that we will always work to achieve the highest standards in service delivery.