City Values

The City of Fredericksburg is committed to the 6 core values of: Agile Innovation, Abundant Compassion, Outstanding Customer Service, Energized Work Environment, Essential Engagement and Unwavering Stewardship in everything we do each and every day. 

E911 Center- Agile Innovation [JPG]Agile InnovationCity of Fredericksburg Values

means that we are working to discover better ways to deliver services and respond quickly to new challenges creatively and efficiently.

HR employees Smile - Abundant Compassion [JPG]Abundant Compassion

means that we actively care for and support one another at the workplace and beyond.

Public Works employee shaking hands while blowing - Outstanding Customer Service [JPG]Outstanding Customer Service

means that we provide programs and services that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Firefighters assist at a citizens home - Energized work environment [JPG]Energized Work Environment

means that we are maximizing potential, celebrating team successes and supporting each other through struggles.

Plan Review - Essential Engagement [JPG]Essential Engagement

means that leadership is everyone’s responsibility. We are curious about the entire organization, empowered to challenge the status quo, and collaborate with a focus on inclusion and communication.

Rappahannock River - Unwavering Stewardship [JPG]Unwavering Stewardship

means that we are entrusted to manage and grow the City’s resources and to make wise choices in using them.

city-values-brochureCity Values Brochure

For more information about our City Values, please see our Our City Values Brochure (PDF).