Campaigners Dos & Dont's

Guidelines for Campaigners & Authorized Representatives

Campaigns and elections are dynamic environments. The City of Fredericksburg strives for fair, free, open, and civil elections. Officers of Election, the Electoral Board, and the General Registrar work diligently to ensure voters successfully cast their vote. Please take a moment to review the documents below.

  1. Guide: Do's and Don'ts for Campaigners and Authorized Representatives (PDF)
  2. Election Day Guide: Do's and Don'ts for Campaigners & Authorized Representatives (PDF)
  3. One-Page Reference Guide: Polling Place quick reference guide for Campaigns (PDF)
  4. Political Campaign Signs in Right of Way & Prohibition of Signs on City Property (PDF)
  5. Encroachments on street or sidewalk [Code 1991, 16-10] (PDF)

Polling Place Maps for Campaigns & Campaigners

These maps detail voter entrances and access, curbside voting spaces, no campaigning areas, and areas where campaigning is allowed for each of the polling places in the City of Fredericksburg.

  1. PCT 101-Hugh Mercer Elementary (PDF)
  2. PCT 201-Dorothy Hart Community Center (PDF)
  3. PCT 301-Walker Grant Middle School (PDF)
  4. PCT 401-New City Fellowship Church (PDF)
  5. PCT 402-V.F.W. (PDF)