2020 Fredericksburg Fine Art Show & Sale


Fine Art Show Flier (PDF)

Art Show Dates: March 13 - 15, 2020

  • Public Champagne Reception on Friday, March 12, 2020 at 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Friday, March 13 - 10:00am - 8:00pm 
  • Saturday, March 14 - 10:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sunday, March 15 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Dorothy Hart Community Center, 408 Canal Street

Registrations will be accepted until the exhibit fills or the deadline of Monday, February 24, 2020, whichever comes first. Return form and payment to: Dorothy Hart Comm Ctr, 408 Canal Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Questions? Call 540-372-1086 or ksherbert@fredericksburgva.gov

Sponsored by Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation and the Woman’s Club of Fredericksburg. Proceeds from this show benefit Hazelwild Farm’s Therapeutic Riding Program and Parks & Recreation programs. 

Info: 540-372-1086 or ksherbert@fredericksburgva.gov. For more information please call 540-372-1086 or email ksherbert@fredericksburgva.gov.  

2020 Fine Arts Show Award Winners


Best In Show      80 - Guglielmo Grapes by Lizabeth Castellano-King


                First Place            1 - Logan Jolie by Jenna Anderson

                Second Place     241 - Aspen Grove at Dusk by Anne Pierson

                Third Place          153 - Snowbaby by DeAnna Hutson

                Honorable Mention        129 - Carnival Time by Katie Green

                Honorable Mention        152 - Rest by DeAnna Hutson

                Honorable Mention        240   - Railroad Bridge by Anne Pierson

3D Sculpture                                                     

                First Place            7- Bella Luna by Patrick Andrews

                Second Place     222 - Summer in the Tall Grass by Alice Noyes

                Third Place          215 - A Hole in Time by Marty Monts

                Honorable Mention        5 - Blue Racer by Patrick Andrews

                Honorable Mention        223 - Wild Mushroom by Alice Noyes


                First Place            96 - Sparkling Water by Jennifer Cooper

                Second Place     94 - Verdant Bounty by Jennifer Cooper

                Third Place          187 - I’m Late by Sandra Lewin

                Honorable Mention        97 - Dad’s Garage by Jennifer Cooper

                Honorable Mention        158 - Water from the Rock by Connie Jeffries

                Honorable Mention        186 - Blue Crab by Sandra Lewin


                First Place            89 - Wild and Free by Pandora Christy

                Second Place     88  -  Daylights Grace by Pandora Christy

                Third Place          39  - Untouched by Maria Briganti

                Shannon Broom Memorial           72 - Serendipity by Kim Carr

Mixed Media                                                    

                First Place            250 - Up the Scanno Stairs by Sally Rhone-Kabarek

                Second Place     149 - Tenebrae by Becky Huffman Hubbard

                Third Place          174 - In My Yard by Kathleen King Mullins

                Honorable Mention        14 - Yellow Flowers #1 by  Joan Bennett

                Honorable Mention        15 - Yellow Flowers #2  by Joan Bennett

                Honorable Mention        16 -Yellow Flowers #3  by Joan Bennett

                Honorable Mention        56  - Memorable Moment  by Anne Brooks Brauer


                First Place            134 - Fire Storm by Benjamin Guest

                Second Place     128 - Floral Delivery by Janet Gaumer

                Third Place          309 - Unexpected Turn of Events by Ellyn Wenzler

                Honorable Mention        286 - Music in Bloom by Denise Tapp

                Marguerite Wyant Award            127 - Harrison Road Relic by Janet Gaumer



                First Place            246 - Cherry Blossoms After Dark by Theresa Ramussen

                Second Place     265 - Flatiron by Odell Smith

                Third Place          271 - The Core of our Galaxy  Josh Stansfield

                Honorable Mention        261 - Lake Anna Sunset  by Odell Smith

                Honorable Mention        262 - Colonial Sunrise by Odell Smith

                Honorable Mention        263 - Leesylvania Sunrise by Odell Smith                    


                First Place            226 - Rainy Day by Mark Parmelee

                Second Place     151 - Disco Dancing! by Becky Huffman Hubbard

                Third Place          82 - Corks I  by Lizabeth Castellano- King

                Honorable Mention        10  - Turf Farm Houses  by Yoson Bacle

                Honorable Mention        12  -  Peony by Laurel Baker

The Art Show Is FULL, we are no longer accepting artists for this year.

Categories for Judging

  • WATERCOLORS - Includes acrylics, gouache, inks and alcohol inks used as watercolor
  • DRAWING - Includes pencil, ink, sumi, charcoal, crayon, chalk and pastels
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - Includes film & digital photography
  • 3-D  SCULPTURE - Includes clay, ceramic, wood, metal, stone
  • MIXED MEDIA - Combining more than one medium. No computer generated artwork.
  • NOVICE - All media from beginning artists with two years or less of art exhibit experience

Show Rules

  • Entry fee is $10.00 for each piece of artwork submitted, maximum of 5 artworks permitted per artist.
  • No guarantee paintings will be hung as a set.
  • All artworks submitted must be FOR SALE. 
  • Exhibitors must be at least 18 years old and out of high school.
  • Exhibit space is limited to 320 entries and fills on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrations will be accepted until the exhibit fills or the deadline of Monday, February 24, whichever comes first. Artwork previously exhibited in this show will not be accepted. Artwork not checked-in before 6:00pm on Monday, March 9th will not be accepted for hanging.
  • If item entered is a copy of another artist’s or photographer’s work, it must be indicated as such (i.e., “In the style of...”).
  • The Art Show Committee reserves the right to select work to be included in the show and the right to reject any work which it deems offensive to community sensitivities. An artist whose work is declined will be notified prior to the show’s opening.
  • The following will not be considered for judging: Unframed pieces without finished edges that are not presentation ready;  nor any categories with less than 10 total entries.
  • No commercial reproductions will be accepted.
  • Liability: All possible care will be taken of artwork, but the Woman’s Club and/or the Parks, Recreation & Events Department will not be responsible for any damages to items exhibited.
  • Neither the Woman’s Club nor the Parks, Recreation & Events Department will pay for repair or replacement costs on any pieces lost, stolen or damaged while at the Community Center.
  • All accepted entries must remain on exhibit during the entire length of the show.
  • Artists not adhering to the Exhibit rules may become ineligible for future admission.
  • Photographs may be taken of your artwork during the exhibit.


  • Hanging entries are not to exceed 36” x 48” INCLUDING frame. 3-D entries are not to exceed 48” high nor 48” wide at the widest points. This is length and width, not total square inches. Oversized entries will not be accepted for display.
  • No picture with gallery clips or saw tooth hangers will be accepted. Entries must be framed with hanging wire (no string) adequate to support the weight. Canvas entries may be unframed but must have finished edges/sides.
  • No wet artwork or frames.
  • 18% commission will be charged on all sales. Artists will be required to submit current W9 Forms to the City of Fredericksburg in order to receive prize and commission payments resulting from this show. Sales tax will be collected and forwarded to the artist, who is responsible for paying sales tax to VA on sold items.


  • Best in Show:  $500    
  • Popular Vote:  $50     
  • Awarded in each category:   1st Place:  $100      2nd Place: $50      3rd Place: Ribbon  
  • Marguerite Wyant Memorial Award $25:   Awarded to Novice Entrant in honor of Marguerite Wyant who taught for the Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation Department for over 25 years.
  • Shannon Broom Memorial Award: $25     Awarded to Drawing Entrant, this award is given by the Woman’s Club of Fredericksburg, in memory of young artist Shannon Broom, who won two awards in her initial exhibit in 1998.

Important Dates

Monday,  February 24 (before 8:00pm) - Deadline for Payment and Entry Forms.  Must be dropped off in person, completed online or postmarked by February 24, 2020 deadline. 

NOTE: Exhibit space is limited to 320 pieces and may fill prior to deadline.  No artwork will be accepted before check-in dates, no exceptions.    

Sunday, March 8  - Artist Check-In from 12:00pm - 5:00pm at the Dorothy Hart Community Center, 408 Canal Street Please be on time.  We will open and close promptly at times provided. 

Monday, March 9  - Artist Check-In from 10:00am - 6:00pm* at the Dorothy Hart Community Center, 408 Canal Street   Please be on time.  We will open and close promptly at times provided.  * Artwork not received by 6pm Monday the 9th will not be accepted.

Advanced check-in by appointment only for artists unable to attend March 8-9 check-ins. Please call 540-372-1086 ext. 307 to make an appt.

Thursday, March 12  - Artist’s Preview Reception, 6:00pm - 8:00pm at the Dorothy Hart Community Center. By invitation only, 1 guest per artist. Awards will be announced.

Friday, March 13 - Show Opens to Public at 10:00am. Public is invited to Friday Evening Champagne Reception 6:00pm-8:00pm. Free admission.

Sunday, March 15 - Artist Check Out from 4:00pm - 5:30pm All artwork must be picked up at this time.  If you are unable to pick it up, you must send someone in your place.  Artwork unclaimed by April 3, 2020 becomes the property of Fredericksburg Parks, Recreation & Events Department.  By submitting this entry form you are giving your consent that you understand this requirement.  

2020 Fredericksburg Fine Arts Show Entry Form (PDF)