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The Urban Forest Heritage tree program is a way to recognize special trees we have within the City of  Fredericksburg. The program allows for nominations in 5 categories: Specimen, Historic, Collection, Ecological Value and Street Tree. Anyone may nominate a tree or a tree community for this program. Please download the Heritage Tree brochure and nomination form (pdf) to learn more!


Mature Trees Matter

The following article from the Washington Post addresses the dilemma we face when trying to manage an urban forest. Here in Fredericksburg, we are trying new things like pervious pavements instead of concrete for sidewalks around mature trees. This allows the roots to breathe and expand, and water to infiltrate to the micro roots that are close to the surface, even on large trees. This practice also reduces stormwater runoff.

We also dedicate funding to have young trees pruned, which creates a healthier, longer lasting tree. Trees need to have “street manners” just like we do, and pruning and training when young helps trees to live longer street lives than they would without proper care and training. Unfortunately, urban trees will often have a shorter life span than trees in a more welcoming setting. They work HARD for us in cleaning the air we breathe, providing stormwater benefits, they help us with cooling costs and protect us from winter winds. Research shows that trees grown near hospitals and rehab centers promote healing! It has also been proven that trees encourage economic growth. People would rather shop, play or patronize businesses where there are mature trees. See if that isn’t a factor in where you choose to, or prefer to visit! Trees give us so much. We often take them for granted or focus on why they don’t do what we think they should. Please consider the endless good trees offer us. They stand silently over us and beside us and give their all. The least we can do is offer care and compassion.