FY 2017 Budget

FY 2017 Budget

The City Manager’s Office prepares an annual budget for City Council review and adoption. The Assistant City Manager and the Budget Manager assists the City Manager by preparing two major documents: The City Manager’s Recommended Budget, which is the document reviewed by Council, and the Adopted Budget, which is released after the Council has adopted the budget for the fiscal year. The City Manager’s Office also prepares for consideration any amendments to the budget which are necessary throughout the year.

The City budget is the operating plan for the fiscal year. The “Operating” budget is the portion of the budget dedicated to the ongoing operations of the City, while the “Capital” budget is the portion of the budget for major capital projects in the City’s capital funds. The City also prepares a five-year Capital Improvements Plan, (“CIP”).

FY 2017 Budget Documents

Listed below is the adopted budget for July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Adopted Budget

City Manager's Recommended Budget

        Tab 1:    Transmittal Letter (PDF)
        Tab 2:    Budget at a Glance (PDF)
        Tab 3:    Summary Tables and Graphs (PDF)
        Tab 4:    Program Narratives (PDF) 
        Tab 5:    Capital Improvements Plan (PDF) 
        Tab 6:    Partner Agency Table (PDF)
        Tab 7:    Line Item Detail (PDF)
        Tab 8:    Budget Alignment with Goals and Initiatives (PDF)