Behind the Badge: Officer McCurdy

Officer McCurdy comes from a family of service workers. She is proudly following in her family's footsteps and shares why she chose a career with the Fredericksburg Police Department.

Behind the Badge: Officer Carr

"Without the community, there is no police and without the police, there is no community. We need each other and it needs to be a collaborative effort." In this video, Officer James Carr shares why he chose a career in law enforcement and how he found his place at the Fredericksburg Police Department.

Behind the Badge: Sunday Night Dinners

When you join the Fredericksburg Police Department, you’re not just starting a career, you’re joining our family. Our patrol and communications shifts work closely together and form a strong bond. Patrol Lieutenant Lynch and Communications Supervisor Lambert recently talked on camera about the bond their shifts have forged and the tradition of “Sunday Night Dinners.”

Behind the Badge: Women of the Fredericksburg Police Department

We are proud of the women who took an oath to serve and protect the City of Fredericksburg. Here's a video highlighting their dedication.

Behind the Badge: Hometown Officer

Officer Joe Porter joined the Fredericksburg Police Department in July of 2016. After serving in the Navy and starting his law enforcement career in Portsmouth, Virginia, Officer Porter returned to his hometown and joined the Fredericksburg Police Department. 

Know Where You Are: Mile Markers on the Rappahannock River

In September 2018, the City of Fredericksburg's Watershed Manager and Stafford County's Swift Water Rescue Team joined together to install a “mile marker” system along the Rappahannock River to help people pinpoint their location when using the river for recreation. This brief video highlights the project, explains how the mile markers work, and how they benefit first responders as well as people who enjoy the river recreationally.

Behind the Phone: Communications Officers

Communications Officers are the voice on the other end of the line that is there for you when you need them the most.