Public Safety

Emergency - Call 911

Fire Department

Contact the Fire Department | 540-372-1059

The mission of the Fredericksburg Fire Department is to protect and serve those who live, work, or visit the city of Fredericksburg by providing highly trained, courteous professional personnel for rapid response to their needs. As members of the Fredericksburg Fire Department, we share a vision of providing a safe community and work place through progressive, innovative, well equipped, well trained and dedicated professionals.

Police Department

Contact the Police Department | 540-373-3122

The Fredericksburg Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting our community. The Department works to maintain the safety of the citizens of Fredericksburg, to preserve the peace, and to protect property. We endeavor to improve the quality of life in our city by developing strong relationships with the community. We are committed to the highest ethical standards of law enforcement and our duty to serve with honor and integrity.

Sheriff's Office

Contact the Sheriff's Office | 540-372-1056

The mission of the Fredericksburg Sheriff's Office is to provide the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Fredericksburg, a responsive, coordinated, composite, city-wide Sheriff's Office; independent yet supportive of other law enforcement agencies; to preserve law and order; to meet goals and objectives of the Office; provide security and safety services in the most efficient and effective manner.