The Clerk's office cannot help you with preparing or correcting your file.

It is illegal. VA Code 19.2-392.2

1). File in the Clerk's Office:

   a. Filing fee: $103.00
   b. Completed:  Civil Coversheet (PDF): ***checking Expungement in the 3rd column under the Miscellaneous heading
   c. Completed: 4 copies of the Petition of Expungement
   d. 4 certified copies of the charge(s) with the disposition of the charges to be expunged
   e. One copy: Expungement Order (PDF). ***only complete the top portion of this Order.
   f. One self addressed stamped envelope for return of your fingerprints and Expungement Order

2). The clerk will give you a certified copy of the Petition and other paperwork upon filing.
      a. Take all paperwork to any Virginia State Police location to complete the fingerprint requirement. ***Fredericksburg location: 3804 Loren Drive, Fredericksburg, VA 22408, Monday-Friday                10:00am-12:00pm, payment with credit card only.

3). The Petitioner must next file: Notice of Hearing (PDF) at the Clerk's office;
     a. Contact the Clerk's office for the hearing date.
     b. You must mail a copy of the Notice of Hearing to the Commonwealth Attorney, 601 Caroline Street, Suite 600, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

*Please note that this is not legal advice or representation. Any questions regarding the Expungement process, forms, and their completion should be directed to an attorney. The Clerk's office is prohibited from offering legal advice. (Code 19.2-392.2).

*Payment of filing and copy fees may be made by cash, personal check, certified check, money order or, with a VISA/MASTERCARD, credit/debit cards. Make checks and money order payable to: Clerk of Court. The service fee for using VISA/MASTERCARD, credit /debit will be $2.00.