Midnight Madness

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2019 Midnight Madness Summer Series


This summer series is designed to provide a positive experience for the youth throughout the summer.  There will be an educational workshop each evening in addition to playing basketball in a structured setting.  This Summer Series is a free program and is for City residents only.  The Summer Series will have multiple nights of Splash Time at Dixon Park Pool.  In Partnership with the City Schools and Police Department, bus transportation will be provided to and from Walker Grant Middle School and Dixon Park Pool.  Participants must be 11yrs by June 21st to start the program.  There will be no age waivers for this program, no online registration, and no registrations will be accepted on site.  Registration opens April 8th.  You must register at Dorothy Hart Community Center. 

Fridays, 8:00pm – 11:00pm, June 21 – July 26

Location: Walker Grant Middle School and Doris E. Buffett Pool


2019  Summer Bus Routes

Route 1
Forest Village Apts. 7:00pm
Crestview Apts. 7:01pm
Fall Hill Apts. 7:02pm
1004 Bakersfield Lane 7:03pm
Roffman of Hickock (Carwash) 7:04pm
Hughey Ct. (basketball court) 7:05pm
Heritage Park Apt. 7:07pm
Riverside Manor 7:10pm
Preserve Lane/Hotchkiss Pl 7:15pm
Idlewild Blvd/Hoke Ln 7:20pm
Kendalwood Apt. 7:23pm
Townsend Square Apt. 7:25pm
*Arrive at Walker-Grant Middle School at 7:30pm* 

Route 2
Tyler-White 6:50pm
Myrick/Palmer 6:51pm
Myrick/White 6:52pm
Howard/South 6:54pm
Airport-South 6:55pm
Airport-Harris 6:56pm
Hazel Hill Apt. 7:00pm
Corner of Charlotte & Spottswood 7:05pm
2010 Washington Ave. 7:12pm
*Arrive at Walker-Grant Middle School at 7:30pm*