Search Tips

You can search for:

  • Personal / Place / Locality name
  • Subject (subject associated with name, place or locality)
  • Names & places are spelled as found in the records.
  • Minimizing search criteria maximizes the number of records returned.
    For example a search for "Canad" returns "Canady, Canaday & Canada".

Personal \ Place \ Locality Name search

Enter personal names in Lastname, Firstname Middlename format.
Example: Jones, John D

Enter place name in normal order.
Examples: Carters Creek; Charlotte St.

Enter locality name. Use postal codes for states.
Examples: Richmond City; Richmond Co.; NY; MD; Baltimore; Scotland; London

Subject search

Each personal name, place / feature name and locality name is associated with a subject:


Jones, John Dwill
Jones, John Ddeed
Jones, John Dfamily
Jones, John Ddeath
Richmond Co.will
Carters Creekplat

Sorting Records

Records can be sorted by clicking on any column heading. All sorts are in ascending order with the exception of "Index Date" which is sorted in descending order.

Sort on "Index Date" to see what records have been added to the database since your last visit.

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