Record Organization Structure

Historic Court Records are organized along the lines of a record organization structure employed by the Library of Virginia following early preservation work done under LVA guidance. During the processing and indexing of Historic Court Records it has become necessary to augment that structure and develop some structure and coding unique to Historic Court Records.

Historic Court Records have been organized into collections, series and units:

Collection (code)Series (code)Unit (code)
Bonds/Commissions/Oaths (BC)Bonds/Commissions/Oaths (BC)Appeal (E)
Appointments (L)
Appearance (D)
Assignment (S)
Attachment (A)
Bail (B)
Bastardy (Y)
Commission (C)
Constable / Sheriff (X)
Forthcoming (F)
Indemnifying (W)
Injunction (I)
Miscellaneous (M)
Notary Public (Z)
Oath (N)
Ordinary (O)
Peace (U)
Performance (V)
Pilot (P)
Power of Attorney (K)
Qualification (J)
Recognizance (Q)
Repley (R)
Resignation (H)
Solemnization of Marriages (G)
Stemming / Manufacturing Tobacco (T)
Business Records (BR)Business Records (BR)Account (A)
Ledger / Account Book (L)
Miscellaneous (M)
Board of Supervisors Records (BS)Board of Supervisors Records (BS)Accounts (A)
Levies (L)
Minutes (U)
Miscellaneous (M)
Reports (R)
City / County Accounts (CA)City / County Accounts (CA)Burials (G)
Coroner (D)
Courthouse (C)
Flour Inspector (F)
Jail (J)
Licenses (W)
Levy (L)
Market House (H)
Miscellaneous (M)
Overseers of the Poor (O)
Patrolling (P)
School (S)
Sergeant accounts (B)
Ship Surveyor (Y)
Surveyor of the County (X)
Surveyor / Overseer of Roads (R)
Tobacco Inspector (T)
Vendue Matters (V)
City / Town Council Records (CC)City / Town Council Records (CC)Appointments / Commissions (A)
Bonds (B)
Council Minutes (C)
Memorials / Petitions (P)
Miscellaneous (M)
Ordinances / Bills (O)
Reports / Resolutions (R)
Resignations (S)
Tax papers (E)
Commissioner of Revenue Records (CM)Commissioner of Revenue Records (CM)Assessments (A)
Board of Equity (E)
Delinquent licenses (D)
License holders (L)
Miscellaneous (M)
Reassessments (R)
Census Records (CN)Census Records (CN)Copy of Official Submission (C)
Miscellaneous (M)
Workbook (W)
Court Records (CR)Circuit Court (CI) County Court (CC) District Court (DC) Hustings/Corporation Court (HU) Mayor's Court (MC) Police Court (PC) Superior Court of Chancery (SC) Superior Court of Law (SL) Superior Court of Law & Chancery (LC) Unspecified Court (UC)Affidavits (Y)
Accounts (U)
Appeals (V)
Arbitration (Q)
Attachments (T)
Awards (A)
Bonds (B)
Chancery (H)
Criminal (R)
Dismissions (D)
Executions (E)
Grand Jury (G)
Insolvent Schedules (I)
Inquests (N)
Judgments (J)
Law (L)
Notices (X)
Office Judgments (O)
Miscellaneous (M)
Petitions (K)
Pleas (P)
Rules (Z)
Recognizance (F)
Show Cause Orders (C)
Subpoenas / Summonses (S)
Warrants (W)
Election Records (EL)Election Records (EL)Affidavits of Land Ownership (A)
Abstracts of Votes (V)
Ballots (B)
Miscellaneous (M)
Polls (P)
Registrations (R)
Fiduciary Records (FI)Circuit Court (FC) County Court (FY) District Court (FD) Hustings/Corporation Court (FH) Superior Court (FS) Unknown Court (FU)Accounts current (A)
Agreements in re estates (N)
Committees (C)
Estate Audits (D)
Executor/Administrator bonds (E)
Guardianship (G)
Inventories / Appraisals (I)
Heirs (H)
Miscellaneous (M)
Orphans' accounts (O)
Powers of Attorney in re estates (P)
Renunciations (R)
Trustees (T)
Free Negro and Slave Papers (FN)Free Negro and Slave Papers (FN)Apprentice (A)
Bills of Sale for Slaves (B)
Certificates / Affidavits (C)
Discharge from servitude (D)
Free Negro List (F)
Insolvent List (I)
Manumission (U)
Slave List (L)
Miscellaneous (M)
Residency papers (R)
Slaves going at large (S)
Inquests (IN)Circuit Court (IC) County Court (CY) District Court (ID) Hustings Court (IH) Superior Court (IS) Unknown Court (IU)Coroners' Accounts (A)
Coroners' Reports (C)
Inquest (I)
Miscellaneous (M)
Summons (S)
Justice of the Peace Records (JP)Justice of the Peace Records (JP)Appointments (A)
Bonds (B)
Elections (E)
Miscellaneous (M)
Qualifications (Q)
Resignations (R)
Warrants (W)
Land Records (LR)Circuit Court (LC) County Court (LY) District Court (LD) Hustings Court (LH) Superior Court of Chancery (LS) Superior Court of Law & Chancery (LL) Unknown Court (LU)Affidavits in re Deeds of Trust (F)
Alterations, lists of (C)
Assignments of Dower (D)
Bankruptcy Schedules [Homestead] (B)
Condemnation Proceedings (Z)
Deeds, Recorded (R)
Deeds, Unrecorded (U)
Leases (L)
List of Conveyances (C)
Mechanics Liens (N)
Miscellaneous (M)
Plats (P)
Powers of Attorney (A)
Releases (E)
Surveys (S)
Trustees / Substitute Trustees (T)
Miscellaneous Records (MI)Apprenticeship Indentures (AI) Miscellaneous (MI)

Naturalization Records (NA)

Application to Bind Out (A)
Indenture (I)
Letter (L)
Miscellaneous (M)
Release (R)
Estrays (E)
Fire Claims (F)
Insanity Commission Proceedings (S)
Miscellaneous (M)

Certifications (C)
Intentions (I)
Miscellaneous (M)
Residency (R)
Military and Pension Records (MP)Military and Pension Records (MP)Amnesty Oaths (O)
Applications for Duty Exemption (X)
ARW Certificates / pensions / claims (A)
Civil War pensions / claims (C)
Property war damage claims (P)
Military Rule (R)
Miscellaneous (M)
Vouchers / Accounts (V)
War Losses (L)
Marriage Records and Vital Statistics (MR)Marriage Records (MR) Death Records (DR)

Birth Records (BR)

Affidavits (A)
Bonds (B)
Certificates (C)
Licenses (L)
Ministers' Returns (R)
Miscellaneous (M)
Permissions (P)
Registers (Z)

Certificates (C)
Miscellaneous (M)
Registers (Z)

Certificates (C)
Miscellaneous (M)
Registers (Z)
Road and Bridge Orders (RB)Road and Bridge Orders (RB)Appeal of Order (V)
Accounts (A)
Miscellaneous (M)
Orders (O)
Petitions (P)
Road Surveyor Appointments (S)
School Records (SR)School Records (SR)Accounts (A)
Board Minutes (B)
Miscellaneous (M)
Supervisor Appointments (S)
Township Records (TN)Township Records (TN)Accounts (A)
Council Minutes (C)
Miscellaneous (M)
Treasurer's Records (TR)Treasurer's Records (TR)Accounts (A)
Bonds (B)
Delinquent Land Sales (L)
Miscellaneous (M)
Tax and Fiscal records (TX)Tax and Fiscal records (TX)Assessments (A)
Capitation Taxes (C)
Delinquent Land (D)
Insolvents (I)
Land Taxes (L)
License Taxes (Z)
Liquor Sales / Ordinary Taxes (B)
Miscellaneous (M)
Poll Taxes (O)
Personal Property Taxes (P)
Tickets (T)
Sales Taxes (S)
Wills (WL)Circuit Court (WC) County Court (WY) District Court (WD) Hustings / Corporation Court (WH) Superior Court of Chancery (WS) Superior Court of Law & Chancery (WL) Unknown Court (WU)Contested (C)
Miscellaneous (M)
Not Proved (N)
Recorded (R)
Unrecorded (U)


Disclaimer: Data provided by the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives in Historic Court Records is not official and is for genealogical and historical research purposes only. All data contained herein should be verified by obtaining a copy of the original record.

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