Efforts to preserve Fredericksburg court records began in 1990 when Barry L. McGhee founded the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives. In 1992 a program was initiated under the Virginia Circuit Court Clerks Preservation Program (VCCCPP) to process court papers housed in the Fredericksburg Courthouse for archival storage and reformatting. In 1998 the City of Fredericksburg began sponsoring the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archive's records preservation work. Under these programs, pre-1914 records are indexed on primary names after they have been processed and organized in an archival filing system. Unique to the VCCCPP work in Fredericksburg was the contribution of the Records Conservation Project which extracted data of genealogical and/or historical note and entered these extracts into a database together with the primary names index. This project resulted in the website you see today. New data is posted regularly.

The content of the Historic Court Records site has been made possible by the agencies and volunteers who have dedicated their support, time and talents to the preservation of these records.

Disclaimer: Data provided by the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives in Historic Court Records is not official and is for genealogical and historical research purposes only. All data contained herein should be verified by obtaining a copy of the original record. 

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