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Appointment Information
Three electoral board members are appointed for Fredericksburg City by a majority of the Circuit Court judges from the 15th Judicial Circuit of Virginia. Membership is given to members of the two political gubernatorial parties. When there is a Republican governor, two members will be from the Republican Party and one member will be from the Democratic Party providing the Democratic Party had the second highest number of votes.  Each member appointed serves a staggered three-year term regardless of the party in office. The political parties may recommend three members to serve, but the judges are not bound by the recommendation. Members must meet specific eligibility requirements and are expected to discharge all required duties impartially.

The Code provides instructions in the event the governor is not from a political party. For more information, see the Code of Virginia, Section 24.2-106.  The Electoral Board members appoint the Registrar of Voters, who serves a four-year term. The Registrar and his/her assistants may be members of a political party, but they are not allowed by the Code of Virginia to campaign actively for any candidates. The Registrar and his/her assistant are not allowed to offer legal advice or voice partisan opinions.  Any activity, which can be construed as a conflict with the nonpartisan nature in which the Office of the Registrar of Voters should be maintained, is avoided. The public should never be able to question that the performance of the Registrar's duties is carried out in a nonpartisan, fair, and legal matter.