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Real Estate Tax Exemption
City Council may consider the application for exemption from taxation real property owned by a non-profit organization that uses such property solely for religious, charitable, patriotic, historical, benevolent, cultural, or public park or playground purposes. The City Council shall not grant an exemption unless the following conditions are met:

  1. The organization shall have no rule, regulation, policy or practice that unlawfully discriminates on the basis of religious conviction, race, color, sex, or national origin;
  2. No personal property of the organization shall be exempt from local taxation;
  3. The organization must own real property in the City;
  4. The property for which the exemption is requested shall not be occupied or used by any person as a dwelling or for other personal use, except for property operated by a public university exclusively for student housing; and
  5. The exemption shall only apply to the specific parcel of land for which the exemption is sought and not to any property that may be acquired in the future by such organization.

The information on this application must be filled out completely and returned to the City Manager’s Office by May 1 to be eligible for exemption for the tax year beginning July 1 of the next fiscal year.

Please include with your application:

  1. A fully executed copy of the deed or deeds showing property ownership
  2. A copy of the current 501 (c) 3 certificate
  3. A non-refundable application fee of $300

Real Estate Tax Exemption Application