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Utility Billing Accounts

Residency Requirements
Your property must be within city boundaries and have a  22401 zip code to receive services. Many homes that are not actually within the city limits have a Fredericksburg mailing address. 

  • If your zip code is 22407, 22408, 22551 or 22553, you live in Spotsylvania County
  • If your zip code is 22405, 22406, 22554, 22555 or 22556, you live in Stafford County

The City of Fredericksburg provides drinking water, sewer, trash and recycling collection services for residents in single-family and duplex homes in the 22401 zip code. Trash and recycling services are optional for residents except those in high density areas (town homes) where trash service is required. (See High Density Areas list)

Setting Up A New Account

The Utility Billing Office accepts applications to start service Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 24 hours notice is required to begin service.

A $60 deposit is required for ALL accounts. Deposit amounts depend on meter sizes. Once an application is received, Equifax Inc., a consumer credit reporting agency will determine if the deposit can be waived. (Note: ALL commercial accounts require a deposit. No deposits will be waived for commercial accounts.)

If you require utility service, fill out the Request for Utility Service form or visit the Utility Billing Office in City Hall.  

All applications MUST be signed before considered complete. Completed applications can be mailed to the address listed on the application, faxed to (540) 372-1215, scanned and emailed or processed at the Utility Billing Office located at 715 Princess Anne Street. NO SERVICES CAN BE SET UP VIA TELEPHONE. 

Please call the Utility Billing Office at (540) 372-1182 if you have any questions about how to set-up your utilities account.

Closing An Existing Account

To close an existing utilities account and request a final bill, a WRITTEN notice requesting the account closure must be submitted to the Utility Billing Office. The notice should include the termination date and a new/forwarding address for the final bill. The notice can be mailed to PO Box 7447, Fredericksburg, VA 22404, faxed to (540) 372-1215 or emailed

Residents should call at least one business day prior to the termination date to confirm that your request has been received and appropriately scheduled.

(Note: Residents or businesses are responsible for ALL water usage on the account until a notice for termination of services has been received and processed.)


Water/Sewer Rates:
 Effective July 2015
 Water Meter Size  Bi-Monthly Water Service Fee
 5/8"  $12.11
 3/4"  $15.96
 1"  $31.51
 1 ¼”  $69.95
 1 ½”  $69.95
 2"  $126.03
 3"  $298.69
 4"  $504.28
 6"  $1179.08
 8"  $2011.18

     • The consumption fee for water service for the City will become $.246 per 100 gallons
 Water Meter Size  Bi-Monthly Sanitary Sewer Service Fee
 5/8"  $18.64
 3/4"  $24.57
 1"  $48.51
 1 ¼”  $107.69
 1 ½”  $107.69
 2"  $194.02
 3"  $459.84
 4"  $776.34
 6"  $1746.73
 8"  $2977.16

     • The consumption fee for sanitary sewer serivce for the City will become $.473 per 100 gallons

     • Water/Sewer Charge Worksheet

Note: Water meters must be free of obstructions such as cars, landscaping, leaves, or other objects at all times. ONLY City employees are authorized to open meter lids.

Trash Rates: Effective July 2015
 Customer Type  Bi-Monthly Fee
 Low Density  $40.90
 High Density  $33.40

  • Trash charges will appear on the same bill as water & sewer services. 

City curbside trash and recycling collection service is available for most neighborhoods. Collection schedule is based on the neighborhood in which you live. Call Utility Billing Department, 372-1182, to start or stop service. 

Utility Bill Payment Methods

Residents will receive a bill for utilities every two months. All payments are handled by the Treasurer’s Office.

Payment Options