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Starfires Program
Starfires Dance N CheerGeneral Information 

Starfires is an award winning, continuing and progressive program that your children will love!  These classes will perform in local parades, shows, and competitions.  Starfires who wish to perform or compete in these events will have additional monetary requirements (uniforms and competition fees, etc.,) in addition to the class fees.  Students are always welcome to join Starfires and wish not to perform and/or compete at any time.  Be sure to have a copy of your child's birth certificate with you when you register.  Try the first class for FREE!  - No experience necessary!  To register for any Starfire Program, visit the Dorothy Hart Community Center.  

Starfires Handbook

**If you sign up for two classes in the same twenty week session, pay full price for the first class and get the second class in the same twenty week session for only $50.00.  Must be paying Pay in Full Rate to apply.**

Contact Information: 

  • For general Starfires Information, please call (540) 372 - 1086, ext. 217
  • For information via email Coach Melissa

Regarding events and inclement weather, please read the informational papers, listen to the radio, or visit our website Homepage.