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Council Priorities Second Quarter Update
Staff recently updated Council on the progress of three year Priorities. Read on...
Information Regarding Real Estate Tax Bills
Residents whose real estate taxes are invoiced to their mortgage companies received a duplicate copy of the bill in the mail. Please treat the bill as informational only, as there is no need to make payment directly. Read on...
City Moves On Canal Improvements, A Council High Priority
Some concerns have surfaced over the past few months regarding the historic Rappahannock Canal. Staff has been working diligently to address issues such as the lack of fresh water entering the system, overabundance of duckweed, and mosquito populations. Read on...
Slave Auction Block Discussion
Council voted to keep the slave block in its current location on September 26. More information will be forthcoming on adding historical reference, in the near future. The results of the online input is now available. Read on...
Video from Public Forum on Slave Auction Block
On Saturday, September 23 Council held a public forum to hear comments on the two options for the slave auction block located at the corner of William and Charles Street. Read on...
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